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Friday’s Links 04/22/2011

I haven’t posted a Fridays Links in a While so I thought I would today. In case you are new here I let you know this is just where I post some links that caught my attention during the week.

Last Saturday when I taught my lesson I found this post about the Rule of Four by Gary Mcintosh of Biola University. It went with my lesson really well. …you have more than six million friends of friends of friends of friends.

Some of the post at the persecution blog make me stop and really think. I feel that I love Jesus, but when you see how faith is tested in other countries it makes you wonder would I stand that strong? This post More Love to Christ really makes you remeber to pray for those that do face that testing…. I’m not sure if it’s the way church in America is run, or if it’s just that here in America we have “everything” and so we don’t really know what it is to sacrifice.

Steven Furtick talked about how we think of a fall from grace being when someone like Tiger Woods or Charlie Sheen makes a large public mistake, but the bible actually defines it more as trying to be justified by the law. He got me though with the line…Even if you live a life that makes the Pharisees look like cat-strangling, coke-snorting, Wiccan worshippers…When Jesus comes back and every knee bows and every tongue confesses that He is Lord, your head won’t be one centimeter higher than Charlie’s. Or Tiger’s. Or Ted’s. Or anyone else’s

SBC Voices had two easter devotinals I enjoyed this week. The Crimson River: A Reflection on the Power of the Cross by Dave miller talks about what the blood of Jesus did and is still doing. Doug Hibbard posted one titled If I had been there, which looks at what it might have been like to arrive at the empty tomb on eater morning.

Lastly a video for your enjoyment.