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Friday’s Links 02/17/2012

I have been neglecing my blog while for a while now. I have several ideas for post I want to do but lately there is no time. I have been marking some post I’ve read elsewhere and wanted to include them in a Friday’s links. I hopefully can find the time to post more regularly.

Roger Olson has a post this week discussing how university athletes get praised while scholars do not get mentioned. Kinda odd since education is the purpose of Universities.

Something’s wrong with this picture. University education is supposed to be about learning. Why don’t we highlight the achievements of our outstanding scholar students just as much, if not more, than our outstanding athletes?

John Starke has an article at the Gospel Coalition website about how churches in New York are stepping up to help the churches that have been kicked out of the schools they rented space in.

 Pastor Matthew Hoskinson has planned to forfeit their Sunday school hour at 9:30 a.m. to allow for a congregation to meet during that time, even as he has arranged for another congregation to meet Saturday nights, and still another Sunday evenings.

Live 31 has an essay by Kylie Bisutti about going from being a Victoria’s Secret model to a Proverbs 31 wife

The Lord knocked me off my feet and showed me where to find true happiness and self worth. How to be truly beautiful (which has NOTHING to do with external beauty) and most importantly how to truly live a life for Him and His glory and not my own.